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Prophetic Insight 2013 The Year Of Crossover預言透視2013年的交叉

Prophetic Insight into the Crossover in year of  2013

By Prophet Chuck Pierce's

" Because faith is linked with time and space, it's very important that we understand the time we are living in. The civil year of 2013 is a celebration year for Malaysia. It's a Jubilee year. That means certain things are begin removed from the atmosphere in this nation. That's what makes this year such an important year to contend for. In your Jubilee year, if you don't contend for your future, all you are stuck with is the past.
“因為信念是掛鉤隨時間和空間,這是非常重要的,我們理解,我們都生活英寸民間在2013年是馬來西亞一個慶祝一年的時間,這是一個銀禧年。也就是說,某些事情正在開始從大氣中清除在這個國家,這是什麼使得今年爭奪的重要一. 在您的禧年,如果你不為你的未來抗衡,你被過去卡住。

So  we are not just going to celebrate over the past here in Malaysia, we are going to decree the future and proclaim the way this nation will go in days ahead. 2013 is a year that you could either rebel against the will of God or you could enter into the transitional fullness of the will of God. As a blood-bought believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you have the power to cross over in this transition time." 
所以,我們不僅要慶祝過去在馬來西亞,我們會旨令的未來,並宣布,這個國家將在未來的日子。 2013年一年,你既可以反抗神的旨意,或者你可以進入神的旨意的過渡豐滿。在主耶穌基督宝的信徒,你有權力在這個過渡時間跨越。“

"Do not be overwhelmed by the darkness that is trying to cover you in your nation because it is His light that is going to shine on you. God will move in a sovereign way to place His glory upon His people - there will be a great shift this year in the  glory realm. God's glory is resting on His people. And when God;s glory rests upon His people, unusual manifestations will begin to occur." ~ Prophet Chuck D. Pierce
“不要你在你的國家正在試圖掩蓋的黑暗壓倒,因為這是他的光照耀你。神將朝著一個主權的方式,把他的榮耀,他的子民 - 將有一個偉大的今年轉移的榮耀的境界。神的榮耀被擱在他的子民,當上帝的榮耀在於他的子民,不尋常的表現將開始出現。“ 

" The greater the darkness, the brighter the light - for no amount of darkness can overcome the smallest light. As darkness covers the world and chaos and confusion abounds, God will anoint those that walk with Him, believe in Him and are truthful to Him. He will anoint them to rise up higher to become a brighter light. So, do not be discouraged but begin to prepare yourself." ~ Apostle Henry K.Pilai

“更大的黑暗,明亮的光 - 再多的黑暗可以克服最小的光,黑暗籠罩的世界,混亂和混亂比比皆是,神恩膏那些與他同行的,相信他,他是誠實的他將膏他們起來,成為一個明亮的光。所以,不要氣餒,但開始準備自己。“
Arise , shine;
For your light has come !
And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. 
For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth.
And deep darkness the people ;
But the LORD will arise over you,
And His glory will be seen upon you.
The Gentiles shall come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising.
(Isaiah 60:1-3)

以赛亚书 60:1-3锡安将来的荣耀

60 起来,发光吧!

Sources : " API -Apostolic Prophetic Insight "  2013 THE YEAR OF CROSSOVER

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