Monday, January 14, 2013

All Glory to God !

        MANY Great testimonials to share as we are doing our ministry and sharing and giving prophecies as lead by the Holy Spirit.... praise the Lord always....

         This fresh new year 2013, the Lord is moving both of us Prophet Benjamin Liu and myself Prophetess Cassandra Fun Tze Lai to a higher level of service and faith Apostolic Prophetic ministry. I was receiving a " Super Woman Anointing "from Apostle Paul Ang from Singapore at Gideon Camp held at Nilai end of Last year 2012.
Pray for us and our ministry for great favor, faith, grace, mercy and wisdom from above to carry His cross across the nation and to other nations too in God's timing.
Many miracles have already happened since end of last year and many more we believing and each walk when we take in His faith and trust God's mighty hands and His blessings and favors are upon us.
Last week, I shared a testimonial on a super favor blessings from the Lord at SIB Lake City Church, Setapak, Malaysia.
Thank you O LORD and love you so much for making both of us a blessings to others for this End-time season. ♥ ♥ ♥
                      All Glory to God !

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  1. I am Dr Augustine Joseph from linkedin, how are you, I would love to connect in linkedin, please send me the request since I can't add, God has great plans and purpose for you this year, He will use you never like before, please read Habakukk 3:17-19, visit;
    hope to hear from you, my email id; take care and be Blessed
    with love
    Dr Augustine Joseph
    linkedin , India