Monday, July 16, 2012

God speak to His children through prophetic visions and dreams

               I am compelled by the Spirit of God to share this Vision I had: I was lifted by the Spirit of God to some high point. Then He moved me above Churches (buildings); I saw many people worshiping in many Churches, BUT one common thing I saw at these Churches was groups of people outside the building cladded in masks. Some had things that looked like Swords stained with blood. They were busy stabbing people.Some among these groups looked like Pastors (Leaders) of these Churches, they stood by the entrance doors and stabbed people wanting to enter their Churches. 

               I was saddened by what I saw. I weeped as I saw many people being stabbed by the Leaders of the same Churches. I wondered why such people should be part of the Churches. The Spirit then took me to another building. Here I saw alot of people, mostly female youths. Then the Spirit spoke to me and said, "Maria, these faces are not real". Then I wondered within myself what that meant. I did not ask anything though I had questions within me. After some few minutes, the Spirit spoke to me again saying, "should I show you their real faces?" Before I could answer, I saw the same people removing the first layers of their skins from their faces. O! It was a terrible sight ..... I saw all sorts of demons .... some looked like monkeys, some like pigs, some faces I can not describe. They were horrible to look at. As I was gazing at these creatures, the Spirit of God said to me, " this is what is happening". And then I came out of the Vision.

               BRETHREN, this Vision was given to me BUT it is not mine. It is for all those that Love the LORD our GOD. Please serve the Churches for Christ. The Churches have become the Dens where all sorts of evil is taking place. PRAYER! PRAYER! PRAYER for Churches.

This vision was shared by Mary Lusambo  from  Lusaka, Zambia at facebook's group " The Endtime Revivalist ".


My reply to above posting vision

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, saints and servants of most high God,

               A few month ago, I have the same encounter, I did posted on facebook to warn people : 
In the vision which the Lord gave, I saw my husband and I were both lifted up to a very platform. There were not lift or any ladder to reach to that high place and we were looking down ( from sky high) to earth..... we saw many people are suffering..... and there were huge group of people matching toward one direction and I saw all of them are putting up masks on their face, all of them and I can not see their real faces. When I ake up, we both prayed and ask the Lord for revelation.

Please post in comment if you have the gift of dream interpreting.


      In churches today they are a lot of hypocrites, just like wolves wearing sheep clothes,they are hiding behind a mask .... God see the heart not the outside appearance.

Feel Free to share to as many people as we are waiting for 2nd coming of Christ, remember there is your choice to spent in eternal : Heaven or Hell  ?

A Reply from Mary Lusambo :

           My Sister, it is timely warning is warning us day & night. He wants us to repent of all evil & be saved all of us. The time is over, we need to be vigorous in warning the whole Earth. We need to speak out for Jesus! Blessings Sister as we continue to be the mouth-pieces of God.

Bible scriptures related : Revelation 2:14; I Corinthians 10:21; Matthew 6:24,23

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