Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reports for the recent meetings in Uganda

Pastor Joseph Senoga Richard August 3 at 5:24pm
Dear Prophetess Cassandra,

Praise be to the name of the Living God for the great work that you are doing in God's kingdom, hope you are all fine and doing well in the Lord! Amen.

Thank you so much for the prayers you made for the recent conference and crusade we had in Fort Portal, it was very powerful, many people came to know the truth, and returned to God in repentance. Thanks a lot for the prayers, Friend.

We do request you to pray for the up-coming conferences and crusade for this month which will happen from 24th-30th August, 2010 at Naiwakoke in Eastern part of Uganda and another one from August 31st-4th September 2010 in Busambeku where we have a branch church, so these meeting will boast the churches there, keep us always in your prayers. thanks.

God bless you all! Amen.

In Him
Joseph Senoga Richard.
Pastor Joseph Senoga Richard September 4 at 5:08pm 

Dear prophetess,

Warm greetings to you all, hope this email finds you well in the Lord! Amen.

we had a wonderful trip to eastern Uganda where we had wonderful two conferences and two crusades, they were really very powerful for the power of God moved and healed many, we had lame people, sick people, oppressed, mad people who came to the conferences and received their healing, we had no time to rest everyday from morning at exactly 9;00am till evening at 9:00pm the only little time we have been getting is to eat. many many people over 200 came to the Lord, and these churches boosted. The Church in Nawaikoke on Sunday people had no where to sit the church was full. the people on this village had been suffering without rain for two years, there is hunger in that land, But God is good, our third day, it wanted to rain and we asked the Father to stop the rain because it was during the meetings, and on the last day that was Saturday, we gathered together as a team prayed and asked the Father in Heaven to release Rain and the blessings upon that village and that very night it rained heavily till now, that is what the pastor told me yesterday on phone, and we thanked God so much for that! Amen.

People on the villages have been collecting sick people bringing them to the meetings and thank God that many God touched and healed them, and many believed the Lord Jesus Christ. the brethrens have been desperate, cold but now they were encouraged and revival has begun, God is at work, thanks a lot for all your prayers.

We meet also the orphans who are starving without help, no education, lack of food, clothing, medical care etc, and God used us to meet some needs like clothing, for we had collected some clothes in our church at Kampala, and we took over 100 used clothes, and it will really help them. we do request you to join us in this ministry outreach and if there missionaries and volunteers willing to join us you are most welcome. we do also need bible teachers and trainers to come and help us train and equip our pastors and church leaders in ministry. so if you are willing you are most welcome. we do also need to ordain more ministers, and we want some ministers to come and help us in ordination. thanks a lot! Amen.

So these orphans will be getting back to school on Monday 6th, September and they need books, pens, pencil, school fees, food etc, keep praying for them. Thanks a lot May God bless you all! Amen.

In Him
Joseph Senoga Richard.
Restoration Worship International Ministries
P.o Box 30807 Kampala, Uganda, East Africa
Posted by Prophetess Cassandra on 6th of September 2010

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