Friday, November 20, 2009

Jesus standing on the clouds

A message from Cassandra Lai to all members of End-Times Disciples on Servants Heart!

I remembered one sunny morning on Sunday year 2004, A children ministry, pastor Catherine came to my home and fetch me to church for morning service. As her car stop at the junction of a traffic light,waiting for the red light to turn to green. My eyes was capture by a very astonished scene, I was a 4 years old new born again Christian.
I saw a man dressing white, could not really see his face, he was standing high up on cloud way up on the sky. It was bright and sudden and in a seconds he was gone, I turn to pastor and checked with her, "Pastor Catherine, did you see anyone just now in front of you, on the sky?" She looked at me and smile, "No, i didn't". And she just continue the journey to church for worship.
2 years later, I still remember the vision, and I decided to pen it down in a form of drawing. " Jesus standing on the clouds".

Above attached picture is the closest which I could remember how the scene was like.

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