Saturday, May 23, 2009

Learn How To Dance In The Rain !!!

Shalom to all brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you for the wonderful sharing from Mac Anderson, Founder, Simple Truths....

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain !"

"When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives, but are grateful for the abundance that's present ... we experience heaven on earth. "

We all face adversity in our life. However, it's not the adversity, but how we react to it that will determine the joy and happiness in our life. During tough times, do we spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves, or, can we, with gratitude...learn how to dance in the rain?


Learning to dance in the Rain --- AMEN ! Me and my household has been in a situation of no water supply from our water department for more than 9 months since end of Sept 2008. Every time, when the Lord send His thunder and rain., we will rejoice and start praising and worshiping Lord Almighty. Yes, that is time, I felt like giving up and quite but many time we waited and see how God answered out prayers and provided the water faithfully, I felt like dancing and praising the Lord in the rain mainly we know that our GOD is with us. He know what we have gone through and what we are facing and what we are going to confront in our life. He is the writer of our life and we sing, we dance and praising HIM when others are complaining about the economic turning downward, the shares is dropping, the swine virus is spreading, etc.

Somehow or the other, deep inside us, we understand that God is not yet finish with us, we are His workmanship .... But one important we must learn and know that we are living each day closer to His image, Amen.

Lastly. this is a short video named   " The  strangest secret "  for sharing, hope you will enjoy it.

Walking with Christ,
Prophetess Cassandra June LAI

Bus Driver

Every time when we sit on a bus and toward a journey, God's favor come upon us, some young adults will show his or her respect by allowing my husband and myself to have their seats. Often the Rapid KL bus which we took, packed with passengers.
I quietly sat down and observed the driver as well as the passengers. After a short journey, someone would rang a bell and the bus will stop and wait until the passenger or passengers get down and more people to get on the bus before continue its journey. In certain place like Taman Maluri, Cheras which near the Star L.R.T. station, many passengers will drop down and transit to take train, hence the bus have lots of empty seats.
A bus driver could not stop any of his passengers from getting up the bus only when his bus is "full house". And the driver is in charge of driving the bus to its destination, and he has no right to stop his passenger or passengers from getting up/down the bus. Some passengers will only ride for a short journey, others will take longer route.
As we singing and praising the LORD within our heart, the LORD reveals to me that; a pastor of  which the LORD has appointed or positioned them has a similar role like a bus driver. A pastor or { a bus driver } is in charge of his sheers or congregation { Passengers }. At certain period of time, some of the members need to responding to God's calling for their life { passenger has reach his destination } and they need to leave the church { get down the bus } to continue with their journey with GOD. A pastor is only taking care of the spiritual foods and grant protection while the sheep is under his/her care but once the member is clear about God's specific purpose in his life, no pastor or any other member could stop him/her to fulfill his destiny in Christ.
As some members might decide to move to a different church { Transit to train/car or other buses }, Some may stay on the journey until the bus reach its final destination.
                        Mean while, a story came to my mind, .........................................

One fine day, a pastor of a church and a bus driver departing their life from the world to heaven. And both of them reach the heavenly gate, and each of them was guided by their angel to their respective place of dwelling.
The bus driver got his mansion in heaven and he is happily praising the Lord. Whereas the pastor was being led to { Attap house( Small bamboo house) } who was very upset and decided to confront our Lord Jesus. " My Lord, I have been serving you all life on earth since the day l graduated from Bible college. What did the bus drive do to get his mansion and I only allow to stay here in this small little house ?"
Lord Jesus answered him, "My son, when you was preaching on Sunday service, most of the congregations were falling asleep. Whereas, when the bus driver were driving, all the passengers were praying to me in heaven."


HOW would you chose your life to be ? To lead more people closer to God or vise verse?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prophetic words on 13/1/2009

The Lord is showing mercy, He is a mercyful God because He does not want to judge like the chess game the Lord is showing His mercy. He allow Himself to be checkmated before He judged. God is a consuming fire and He will consume, says the Lord. " I will consume mightily but I allow myself defeated so that my darling, you also allow yourself defeated, you may think you have lost in the area of the mobile handphone but let me tell you my daughter, I AM in control and I love you all very much. The time will come where I AM going to bless you soo much that you have never seen before. Just continue to trust Me, I will lead you, thus says the Lord.
"I will provide mightily in My time to come, I AM the great provider", says the Lord. And I will provide for you, though that is no time, no time at all, says the Lord, Whatever thing is under my control. I AM a good God that I love both of you, and I want to empower and to strenghten you that you may know of my power that even last 2 minutes, the last 5 minutes you are going to checkmate the opponents, so trust ME, Benjamin and let the time elapse and I will show you my way and I will bless you both because both of you are wonderful to ME, you both are nice to ME and I love both of you and I have prayer for both of you And I surely exalt you at the time to come. Because I Am a good God.
Benjamin my son, know that I allowed Myself to be checkmated, I allowed myself to goto the cross so that I could save many people. So, must you allow yourself to be checkmated, it is not because you both are bold players, because my daughter, my son you are going to win the games when time to come, you going to win the prizes and lo great shall be the power of LOrd shall come. For the Lord is the mighty God, He is a God of wrath, He is a good of strenght. Behold. I hold my weapon of war, you shall war in the heavenly, and you shall win the battle. That is a time, I am going to move my people, that is time I Am going deal with your 6th uncle, I AM going to deal with him nicely, said the Lord. Because I love you, "Wo Ai Ni"(In Chinese langauge, Mandarin), now let your power come mightly upon my wife, let your power come mightly upon my wife, let your power come mightly upon Letcu, if he is worthy, bless him, if not, You discipline him, Father, for what he has done.
Father, You are a great God, I understand right now. You are testing our heart and You are humbling us, allow ourself to be defeated so that we do not fear defeat anymore. Lo, you might need to die for your faith, but I will be with you, I will be with you even when you are being torture, says the Lord, I will be with you, I will guide and I will lead you and show you of My way. My daughter, do not fear, whatever Anniversary it may be big or small, know that I will be with you, for I love both of you very much, thus says the Lord whose name is Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End. and yes my daughter, I allow you to be make fun of by the artists, but you are going draw more beautiful than ever and you are going to sing more beautiful than ever.
And know that I will provide for you for I AM a great provider and I will deal with "Lau Sa Jim (our neighbour)" when time to come, do not fear, I Myself allow myself to be mocked too, so must you allow, to laugh at, look down upon. Because in My time, I will exalt you, I will exalt you to greatness, I will exalt you so high that they can not touch you, you will fly like an eagle, like the Golden eagle, you will fly like the swans, says the Lord, after the heavenly, because I care for both of you.
In My time, know that is not that you have no power, you have no talents, I Am humbling you and I AM allowing you to be defeated, so you taste of My resurrection power and you can taste of My glory. If not die, how to know the joy of the resurrected. Behold, I will resurrect both of you even of if you died, I will resurrect both of you and I AM going resurrect many dead bodies, my daughter. Many people are going to fear. Yes, Patricia has send to you the blessings but do not hold yourself with that gratitude toward her, do not flatter anyone, do not "hutang budi" anyone, says the Lord, becuase I will pay the debts.
My daugther, Cassandra, you must learn more to trust your husband becuase he is leading you, he is guilding you. Now, you understand my ways and my purposes. I AM allow you to be defeated, to humble you, to discipline you. But I Am a good God, I do not always discipline. Yes , I know about the naughtiness of your dog, I know the naughtiness of your cat, "Morning Shine" and I will expose to you in time to come. I Am allowing them to repent.
I AM allowing the churches chance to repent. There it seem like you are defeated but know that when I move, I the Lord move, 3 things come together, the knight, the queen and the castle. And whatever not come together, says the Lord, you watch the opponent (enemy) being checkmated. You saw with your own eyes how the person was being checkmated. The queen was waiting to gougle him up, he try to move the pawn, she was waiting to gougling him up the knight was waiting the bishop was waiting, so I send My bishops to chastise those under the bishop. I have My own bishops , my spiritual bishops to chastise the pastors, says the Lord. I have My spiritual bishops to chastise the pastors, so do not worry. I have My own bishops to chastise the pastors. I have the bishops the Lutheran churches in My hand, I have the Anglicans bishops in My hands.

Prophetics word released by Prophet Benjamin Liu
Handwritten by Prophetess Cassandra Lai